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The Beauty and Wellness Guru is a directory of service providers in the beauty, wellness and fitness industry who are available for clients on eastern Long Island, including the Hamptons, the North Fork and eastern Suffolk County. The directory is compiled and managed by life-long east enders, who are dialed into the local community, and know where the best services are offered.

If your members pay to join, can we trust your rating?

Like any trade organization, only qualified professionals are eligible to join, but also like many trade organizations, members pay for the privilege of being included. There are minimum standards that prospective members must attain in order to be considered. One of those standards is the ability to pay the membership fee.

Ok, what are the minimum standards?

All members of the Beauty and Wellness Guru must:

  • Demonstrate experience and proficiency in their specialty by providing samples of their product or service.
  • Provide a copy of their certification/license if applicable
  • Permit a site visit of their location (where applicable)
  • Participate in an interview about their company and services
  • Provide a sample contract/price list
  • Demonstrate excellent customer service practices
  • Have a satisfactory complaint response and resolution policy
  • Be available to service the North Fork or the Hamptons

In addition, we do our own research through online and offline sources to verify their credentials. If they pass our inspection, we know they will pass yours.

Do you guarantee the services?

Even at the best companies, things can go wrong. Since you hire the vendor directly, any complaints and service issues must be resolved directly with them. The Beauty and Wellness Guru is not in a position to guarantee any service. Our job is to do the initial legwork for you in verifying that the vendor you choose will be a qualified professional who is capable of providing the service they say they will, and will make the experience as pleasant as possible.

Why is your selection of vendors limited?

The Beauty and Wellness Guru looks very different from other personal services directories, and for good reason. You will find our directory is a smaller list, including only businesses that serve eastern Long Island, including the North Fork and the Hamptons. These businesses by their very nature are generally small, owner-operated, boutique style companies that do one or two things very well, and offer the unique personalized customer service experience that only a small company can deliver.

On top of the relatively small pool of vendors available to serve the East End, our members must pass our inspection, demonstrating that they are reliable and qualified to offer the service they are promoting.

How can I give you feedback on one of your members?

We love feedback! It helps us refine our directory to showcase the best vendors and help those who have stumbled find a solution. Send us a message through our contact link with the name of vendor, along with your full name and contact information. We will not share your contact information with the vendor unless you ask us to, but we will not entertain anonymous comments, either.